Full Moon Feels

The full moon brings rushing emotions. A sense of spiritual fullness. Heart takes over mind and passion takes over logic as we find ourselves ebbing and flowing like the tides – following the moon.

But, it looks like humans aren’t the only ones with full moon feels! Have you heard of the newly discovered glow-in-the-dark frog?

A light in the dark
Carlos Taboada et al.
Source: New Scientist

From New Scientist:

“They found that this trait enhances the brightness of the frog by 19 per cent on a night with a full moon and 30 per cent during twilight.”


Sounds like some of our meditation groups!

Prenatal Yoga

Starting Sunday March 19 – we are adding a Sunday Prenatal Yoga Class with Amal, at 6:30pm. Our Thursday classes will continue on schedule at 9am.

Prenatal Yoga with Amal is open to ladies of all experience levels, in all trimesters of pregnancy. Contact Frances at +973 36078904 to book or enquire.



Try This Thursday – October 20, 2016


Diaries are not just for tweenagers or Bridget Jones. They are an amazing tool for clarity and peace of mind. For this #TryThisThursday, write it all out.

Journal about your day. Journal about your dreams. Journal about your biggest hopes and fears. Journal about the things in life you’re grateful for, and the things in life you’re not. Journal about anything and everything that pops into your mind.

Give your stream of consciousness license to flow onto the page. Let yourself write without restraint or abandon. Getting thoughts out of your mind and onto paper can bring you some much needed clarity.

Try This Thursday – October 13, 2016


It’s true what they say. A cluttered space can make a cluttered mind. Clear out your space and let some light, and air into both your room and your thoughts.

Cleared out but still feeling stuck? Join our space clearing workshop Saturday October 29. Sign up by contacting Frances: +973 36078904.

Try This Thursday – October 6, 2016


Elsewhere in the world, leaves are falling and puddles are accumulating. But here in Bahrain, things are finally starting to cool down! So, for #TryThisThursday, seize the opportunity the cooler weather brings, and plant some new abundance in your life.

Nurture a seedling or give a potted plant some love. Gardening, even a single plant, connects you to nature and is an amazingly worthwhile task. Don’t be afraid to get right in there with your hands and sift some soil. Feel the grounding effect of interacting with some earth.

Add some water, sunshine and love. Now watch it grow.

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