Why Meditate?

Why indeed. Stop. Think of what you did and what you encountered up to this moment in your day. Yes, just today. You woke up, had your breakfast – if you’re lucky – got to work, and let the whole world of concerns, deadlines, worries, doubts in. Some times you wonder if this is it? Is it worth it? Clock in at 8am and check out at 5 or 7pm. Then it all starts again. And again.

Don’t you think you owe yourself some reset time? Some time to reflect and regenerate? For just an hour a week?

Of course you do. That’s what we provide at Serenity. Serenity for an hour. Reflection for an hour. Recharging for an hour that lasts you all week.

Come to us and be led through a meditation session with Frances to recharge. You owe yourself that at least. Check our schedule and call to book a joint guided mediation or reiki session and even join us for Yoga.

We’re here for you. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday concerns, deadlines and doubts.

We look forward to you joining us soon.

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