Reiki – Healing with Intention


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is Japanese for the Universal Life Energy which sustains our world. This one uniting energy is used in a variety of different ways by many cultures. Since ancient times, Reiki has become a healing tool in countries such as Japan, Tibet, and India. Reiki has now spread worldwide. Although Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or dogma, Islam embraces it. One Islamic translation of the Universal Life Energy is “Qudra”. The act of healing energy flowing from practitioner to client translates to “Baraka”.  Reiki energy connects to the Source of our universe and our being.

During Reiki healing sessions, hands are placed on the receiver according to traditional methods. Yet, energy is not directed to specific areas within the body. Reiki energy directs itself. For example, someone’s symptoms may be a headache. However, the cause may from a stressful life situation. In this case, Reiki would for to help release the obvious pain. It would also subconsciously enable the person to recognize the source of the tension. This empowers them to find ways to resolve or release the stressful situation. In this way Reiki is a completely transformational method of deep healing.

The vast benefits of regular Reiki sessions completely encompass the entire mind/body/spirit connections. They increase the quality of life in every aspect. Reiki sessions involve no direct effort from the healer to send or direct energy. The energy uses its own intelligence as a guide. Practising Reiki is not dependent on any talent. Academic qualifications, special breathing techniques, years of regular practice or experience do not matter. Nor do you need to be able to meditate.

In order for Reiki to work, the client must accept responsibility for their own healing.  For physical problems this can include seeking medical advice, therapy or taking medication. This must also include an active commitment to improve oneself. Reiki complements beginning a more active lifestyle or improving eating habits. Often, the drive to improve one’s circumstances is a natural effect. This can be a direct result of Reiki healing sessions. Reiki is a complement, never an alternative to seeking medical attention. Reiki practitioners are not licensed doctors or therapists. Your Reiki practitioner can recommend seeing a doctor or a therapist. They cannot and will not intervene further.

A criticism of Reiki that is often heard is that the healing that results from it is intangible. In modern science, results must be tangible, statistically significant, or measurable. There is little room for the subtle, the subjective or the metaphysical. Reiki can be felt, but not defined in neat, mathematical terms. Reiki has a difficult time being proven in real mathematical language. Perhaps it is not meant to be. Learning to let go of physical parameters is part of allowing Reiki energies to work. They work as they are, not as how we would like them to. Practitioners may feel frustrated; they may want to see measurable results immediately. None of our wants make any difference. Reiki is not of the ego. Reiki by itself is enough.

One of the most helpful aspects of Reiki is that it facilitates insight and self improvement. Reiki as a discipline outlines five precepts, or principles. You can adopt these into your daily life no matter who you are. The precepts are a part of the Reiki story. They are a journey towards learning about spiritual and physical healing. Embodiment of these qualities brings you closer to synchronicity. This is the harmony of the mind, body and spirit. The precepts are as follows:

Today, feel no anger.

Have no worries.

Feel gratitude.

Show diligence in your undertakings.

Treat others with kindness.

Reiki facilitates a journey towards trusting the process, and trusting what is. Greatest success will occur just by allowing Reiki to work by itself. There is nothing that you can do wrong, Reiki will take care of everything. Reiki works for everyone who is open to being healed. It is a grid to which we can all be connected. Reiki is not a religion or a dogma. It is not dependent on any belief system. Reiki is healing energy, which will flow regardless of your belief. Practicing Reiki is a gift for yourself and anything you have the intent to heal. Trusting in the energetic flow of the Universe is one of life’s sweetest surrenders.


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