Ramadan Kareem From Serenity

Ramadan Kareem from all of us at Serenity! We hope your first day of fasting yesterday was not too strenuous.

With the holy month upon us once again, it’s a time to rest and reflect. Fasting gives us time and space to do so. Without food, water or other substances, we are invited to slow down and connect with our purest selves.

Lessons learned from fasting can transcend to all facets of our lives. Some tips to truly connect with your Ramadan fasting are:

Set an intention

Fasting can be seen as an extended meditation of sorts. After suhoor, take some time to reflect and set an intention for your coming day’s fast. This will make your fast more meaningful to you. When the going gets tough, an intention allows you to come back and connect with yourself, and your reasons for your fast.


Fasting during the day can seem like it never ends. When this happens, take a moment to just breathe. Feel the moment pass. Remember that as soon as the sun sets and prayers are made, we are able to enjoy futoor. This is an analogy we can take with us through life. When things seem like they will last forever, a deep breath or two can help us reset. Then, we have space to realize that everything is temporary.

Keep cool

Keep your cool, in body temperature and in attitude. Fasting takes its toll on the body, mind and spirit. Especially at the cusp of summer in one of the world’s hottest places. When you feel yourself heating up or becoming disoriented, step inside and cool off. Whether near an air conditioner or in meditation, a cool off can be necessary self care for Ramadan and through life’s journey.

Start Small

When it’s time for iftar, it can be so tempting to dive right into that plate of Harissa. But you know you’re going to end up with a bellyache. Start small. Have some dates, or a small bowl of soup to break your fast and ease into futoor. This approach can be applied to life challenges – start small and work your way up. Going all out immediately can satisfy a need for instant gratification. In the long run, this all too often falls short of being sustainable. Little and often is key.

We hope these tips help to bring a little intention to your fast this Ramadan. Please note that to accommodate fasting, we have changed around our schedule. Please see our social media (Instagram and Facebook) for details, or give Frances a call at +973 36078904.

Ramadan Kareem.

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