8 Amazing Crystals for Grounding and Protection

Grounding is the act of coming back to the earth; of returning to the body. Letting go and settling down. You can ground yourself through meditation, walks in nature (barefoot is better!) and connecting with the world around you in tactile form. Crystals are an amazing and helpful way to enrich your grounding process. Here are a few of our favorite crystals to help get grounded:


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is our go-to crystal for strengthening and grounding energy. It energizes the body’s electromagnetic system. Black tourmaline is good for strengthening the skeletal system. Black tourmaline also raises consciousness and provides psychic protection. This crystal activates the root chakra, and aligns with the Capricorn zodiac sign.




Green Fluorite

Besides being beautiful, green fluorite is a crystal with an amazing calming influence. It helps to dissipate and work through emotional trauma. Green fluorite works to relieve infections, stomach disorders and cramps in the digestive tract. Green fluorite is an effective auric, chakra and all round mental cleanser. It helps to absorb negative energies within your environment.





Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a stone which can range in color from black to almost completely clear. This versatile crystal is great for building up self esteem and easing depression. Smokey quartz is good for grounding. It aids when higher states of consciousness are to be obtained. Smokey Quartz helps dissolve pain, helping the kidneys, reproductive system and the heart. Smokey Quartz works on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. It aligns to Capricorn and Sagittarius.




Hematite is an incredible stone for depression. It calms and grounds emotions, as well as gives a gentle mood boost. Hematite balances the mind, body and spirit, purging toxicity and resentment. This metallic stone is used for the crown and third eye chakras, and aligns with Aries and Aquarius.




Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian, a gorgeous, dappled stone, is often used for grounding and protection. It helps to recognize and release thinking and ingrained patterns which no longer serve. Snowflake obsidian brings about dispassion and aids in centering within the self. Physically, it helps to treat vein disorders and empowers the skeletal structure. Snowflake obsidian aligns with the Virgo zodiac sign.



Red Jasper

Red Jasper acts on the root chakra. It helps with emotional and spiritual progression. Red jasper stimulates circulation and energy flow around the body. It protects against negativity. Red Jasper helps to ground energy to the energies of the Earth.





This fiery crystal protects against envy, fear and rage. Carnelian also helps to banish sorrow. Carnelian makes us willing to help and be idealistic. This stone helps the absorption of vitamins. Carnelian alleviates rheumatism and improves the quality of the blood. Carnelian works on the sacral chakra.




Aragonite is an incredible stone for calming and centering. It helps to assuage oversensitivity and calms the tendency for reaction. Aragonite is a stabilizing influence for spiritual development and grounding. This makes it well suited for use in preparation for meditation. Physically it helps aid calcium absorption and is great for bones. Aragonite is also an immune system booster. This crystal aligns with Capricorn in the zodiac.




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