Why do you need Self Care?

Sometimes you can be going through the motions of life when all of a sudden, it all feels like too much. You feel both overwhelmed and drained at the same time. You’re tired first thing in the morning, and the exhaustion deepens throughout the day. You were fine a little …

Grounding and protection

Grounding and Protection Workshop

In this workshop, we experience different ways to disconnect from those who drain us. We look at our energy as a precious entity, and learn to protect ourselves from energy drainage.

Prenatal Yoga With Amal

About the Class: This restorative-based class gives mothers-to-be an opportunity to practice poses that help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, as well as prepare for a more aware childbirth. It is a gentle class suitable for all 3 trimesters, and you don’t need to have prior yoga experience to attend. About the …