What is a chakra, anyway?

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “vortex”. In the context of energy healing, these vortexes – chakras – are energy centers in our aura, corresponding to our body, mind and spirit. There are 7 major chakras in our energetic fields. They act as receivers and transmitters of …

Grounding and protection

Grounding and Protection Workshop

In this workshop, we experience different ways to disconnect from those who drain us. We look at our energy as a precious entity, and learn to protect ourselves from energy drainage.

Sleep Workshop and Yoga Nidra With Tracey Burrows

With Tracey Burrows Saturday 26 November 2016 10am to 1pm BD30 Serenity Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Centre in Janabiya Examine how your daily habits may be disrupting your nightime rest Learn ways to evolve your habits to set yourself up for better sleep Write your own sleep plan and learn …